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Talent Concept
Adhering to the working purpose of respecting human value, developing human potential and upgrading the spiritual talents of Chinese people, Dinghao has been built into an organization with all rivers in the sea. In this organization, ordinary people become excellent people, excellent people become outstanding people, and endless people realize their dreams of life here. To cultivate and cultivate a team of talented people who win market leadership, create organizational advantages, lead value orientation, sense of mission and responsibility, and support the realization of strategic objectives are the persistent talent pursuit of Dinghao.



talent strategyTalents are strategic resources for the survival and development of enterprises. Dinghao always adheres to the concept of "people-oriented" talents, actively creates an atmosphere of respect, understanding, integrity and friendship, respects human knowledge and talents, establishes and improves a mechanism for the introduction, selection and development of multi-channel and diversified talents, and provides a platform for the growth of talents, so that talents can become a strong support for the sustainable development of enterprises. To achieve the common growth and development of enterprises and talents.
Talent teamGuided by quality, ability and performance, it focuses on the construction of three contingents: building a contingent of high-quality management cadres, professional and technical personnel and reserve personnel.
personnel trainingEducating people is the basis of employing people. According to the characteristics of different types and levels of talents, we should constantly improve and innovate the personnel training mechanism, organically combine theoretical training with practical training, short-term training and vocational education, establish a wide coverage, multi-level and open personnel training system, and gradually establish a new mode of personnel training in line with the environment of group enterprises.